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Social and Economic Situation in municipal formation

The Labinsk District is situated on the south-eastern part of the Krasnodar Region. The town of Labinsk is a center of the district. The distance from Krasnodar is 203 km, from the port of Novorossiysk is 344 km, from the port of Yeysk is 408 km and from the port of Temryuk is 370 km.

The Labinsk District borders with the Kurganinsk District on the north, with the Novokubansk and Otradnaya Districts on the east, with Mostovskoy and Koshehabl Districts on the west, and with the Karachayevo-Cherkessian Republic on the south.

The area of ​​the district is 1,861.36 square kilometers.

The Municipal Formation Labinsk District includes 1 urban and 12 rural settlements. There are 41 settlements in the territory of the Labinsk District, including 1 town, 3 villages, 10 Cossack villages, 18 farms and 9 rural settlements.

The district is located in the sub-mountain zone of the northern slope of the Greater Caucasus Mountain Range, which caused the formation of natural and climatic conditions, which differ significantly from the plain districts of the Krasnodar Region.

There are predominantly black soils here. According to its potential, the soils of the district are one of the most fertile in the Krasnodar Region.

The territory of the Labinsk District is rich with high mineral and raw materials. The main types of resources are as follows: sand and gravel materials, which are suitable for obtaining high-quality crushed stone; brick and clay raw materials; sands; high-melting clay, and expanded clay materials.

Due to its geographical location, historical and natural heritage, the Labinsk District has a high potential in the development of the resort and tourist complex.

The district is promising with respect to mineral waters. Currently, a deposit of natural table sodium hydrocarbonate waters, which mineralization and salt composition similar to the famous Baden-Baden mineral water, is being actively exploited in the district.

The development of thermal groundwater, which allows solving some of the energy problems, is very promising.

The population of the Labinsk District is 89.6 thousand people, of which about 42.9 thousand people are employed in the economy.

800 enterprises of all forms of ownership and 4,000 individual entrepreneurs are registered in the district.

The industrial production has the largest share (36%) in the structure of the economy of the Labinsk District. The retail trade turnover is 35% and agriculture (consisting of 17 operating enterprises, 320 farms and over 15,000 peasant farm enterprises) is 23% in the structure of the district economy.

Labinsk Oil Extraction Plant LLC, LABINSKIY Milk Factory (a branch of Danone Russia JSC), Labinsk Bread Factory OJSC, Voznesenskiy Bread Factory LLC, Labinsk-Sakhar LLC, Khimik CJSC and Logiya CJSC are flagship of the industry of the district.

The volume of agricultural production annually increases due to the operation of such enterprises as Progress Agricultural Firm LLC, Labinsk Breeding Poultry Farm JSC, Kedr Livestock Breeding Complex LLC, Rodina Agro-Industrial Enterprise LLC, Vostok LLC, Labinskoye Agricultural Enterprise Named After. N.I. Tkachev JSC.

The positions of small business are strengthened every year; its share in the total turnover of enterprises of the Labinsk district is 36%. The retail and wholesale trade and the services sector traditionally prevail in the sphere of entrepreneurship.

The volume of attracted investments in fixed assets for large and medium-sized enterprises in 2017 is estimated at about 1 billion rubles.

The following investment projects were implemented:

  • Construction of multistory apartment buildings;
  • Construction of the fur farm for mink and sable breeding;
  • Construction of the enterprise for the production of wall building materials and improvements;
  • Construction of a plant for the production of building materials, reinforced concrete products and structures;
  • Reconstruction of LABINSKIY Milk Factory (a branch of Danone Russia JSC);
  • Reconstruction of the existing facilities of the Labinsk Oil Extraction Plant LLC;
  • Construction of a breeding stud farm for English Thoroughbred horses;
  • Reconstruction of the operating enterprise Laba Sanatorium JSC.

There are as following directions of investment development:

  • development of agricultural production;
  • development of industrial sectors;
  • development of the resort and tourist complex;
  • small hydraulic power industry;
  • geothermal heat power industry.